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Assiniboine Park Zoo and The Manitoba Museum are offering a unique way to learn more about Arctic and Sub-Arctic life in Manitoba! With this unique partnership, you’ll learn about polar bears, First Nations and Inuit culture. Explore sustainable resources of the Arctic, and the effects that we as humans have on the environment.

Spend a full day exploring! Start your morning at Assiniboine Park Zoo, where an outdoor adventure awaits, complete with guided tour and hands-on activities which explore specific adaptations in the Zoo’s premier Arctic exhibition Journey to Churchill.

Choose your favourite place for lunch and then make your way to The Manitoba Museum for a fun-filled afternoon exploring Inuit culture, water and ice. Guided programs complete with interactive activities will see you exploring the Arctic, its people and sustainable resources.

Program Options: 

1. Arctic Adaptations:
Examine the environment surrounding Churchill, Manitoba, and how a changing climate may affect the animals of the north at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Through hands-on activities, students discover how seals, Arctic fox, musk ox, snowy owls and other northern animals survive temperature extremes in the Arctic habitats. The Inuit were not the first people to inhabit the Arctic, but their success, in one of the world’s harshest environments, is a testament to their ingenuity and adaptation. Through hands-on artefact studies at the Manitoba Museum, students discover how the limited resources of skin, snow, stone and bone were integral to the survival of the Inuit.

2. Arctic Sea Ice:
Discover the connections between tundra and sea ice in the Journey to Churchill Exhibit. Students explore the challenges of managing animal species, while being introduced to the conservation efforts taking place in the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre of our citizen science projects. Water and ice, are they sustainable resources? Students are transported to the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the planet through the Planetarium presentation Ice Worlds to discover the ecosystems that exist and thrive in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of our planet, and learn how their survival is connected with our own. In the Science Gallery, students, using a computer simulation of the Lake Winnipeg Watershed can make decision on the lake and can see the outcome of their decisions, the affect on the lake, economy and social impact. Assiniboine Park

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