Winnipeg offers learning experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom. Travel back in time and admire pioneer innovations, give kudos to Mother Nature when you see how wildlife has adapted to the environment or take part in an archeological dig.

Participate in a mock trial at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Park, get up close and personal with nature at FortWhyte ALIVE or Oak Hammock Marsh, or join in the uprising at the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.

    Living History

    Winnipeg is rich with history ripe for student exploration. Throughout the city you’ll find diverse cultures, histories and attractions that...

    All the City's a Stage

    Winnipeg boasts one of North America’s most richly diverse music scenes, making it a living classroom for music programs. There are many fun,...

    A Riveting Journey through the River City

    An exploration of human rights, environmental stewardship and history is on the agenda for this inspiring tour around Canada’s “cultural...

    In Touch with Urban Nature

    Nature abounds throughout Winnipeg, from our massive parks, riverside paths, tree-lined streets, to certain woodland situated neighbourhoods...

    Winnipeg Time Travel

    Winnipeg’s history comes alive on this two-day tour that bring students all the way from the prehistoric times into the 18th and 19th century –...

    Music in the Making

    Winnipeg has always been known as one of Canada’s most melodious cities. One could swear that our citizens grow up with a guitar, dancing shows,...

    In the Footsteps of the Voyageur

    When the voyageurs first began to trade in what is now Winnipeg they were brought into a world ripe with over 6,000 years of indigenous history....

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21 Forks Market Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 4T7
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