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Learn about Fort Gibraltar’s influence over the cultural development of the Red River settlement. Delve into the lore of the French Canadian voyageurs who paddled across the country, transporting trade-goods and the unique customs of Lower Canada into the West.

They married into the First Nations communities and precipitated the birth of the Métis nation, a uniqueculture that would have a lasting impact on the settlement. Learn how the First Nations helped toensure the success of these traders by trapping the furs needed for the growing European marketplace.Discover how they shared their knowledge of the land and climate for the survival of their new guests.On the other end of the social scale, meet one of the upper-class managers of the trading post. Hereyou will get a glimpse of the social conventions of a rapidly changing industrialized Europe.Through hands-on demonstrations and authentic crafts, learn about the formation of this uniquecommunity nearly two hundred years ago. Costumed interpreters will guide your class back in time tothe year 1815 to a time of immeasurable change in the Red River valley.

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