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The Red River Ex proudly welcomes over 200,000 guests each year.  These guests range in age from young people to those who are “young at heart.”  We proudly offer services and programming each year that meet the needs and entertainment options that appeal to the wide range of our guests who visit each June.  We have offered a variety of programming, cultural showcases, free entertainment shows and many different concerts all free with the price of admission.  One such venue is our Community Stage where we showcase performances from many talented groups and individuals. 


Season(s) available:   Summer – mid-June 

Location: Community Stage at the Red River Ex 

Time of day available: The Red River Ex is Manitoba’s largest summer festival and runs for 10-days in June each year.  In 2020 the Community Stage operates the following days and times in 2020: 

Friday, June 12:  4 pm – 7 pm 
Saturday, June 13:  1 pm – 7 pm 
Sunday, June 14: 12 Noon – 7 pm 
Monday, June 15:  4 pm – 7 pm 
Tuesday, June 16:  4 pm – 7 pm 
Wednesday, June 17:  4 pm – 7 pm 
Thursday, June 18:  4 pm – 7 pm 
Friday, June 19: 1 pm – 7 pm 
Saturday, June 20: 1 pm – 7 pm 
Sunday, June 21: 12 Noon – 7 pm 

Minimum/ maximum group size: 1 – 25 (depending on movement of the group) 

Cost(s) to perform (if applicable):  None 

Length of performance allowed:  90 minutes 

What is provided for the group’s performance? (I.e. choral risers, electrical, microphones, piano, etc.):  
The stage area is located on a cement pad and the stage surface will be wooden with a partially covered roof structure.  The surrounding area will have a set of bleachers to one side, as well as picnic tables for those who wish to catch a show while they have a bite to eat.  The following speakers and mixer are provided (Speakers: Yorkville Model -  YX10P, Mixer: a Mackie 402 VLZ3 Premium 4-Channel Ultra-Compact Mixer.)  We are happy to accommodate the microphone requirements you need (headset, handheld, lav).  Once you have set up your performance, please provide us with the kind and number of microphones you will require.  All other instruments you need must be brought with you.  

Are there any educational programs/tours available for pre- or post-performance?  Yes, we offer lots of information and activities based on agriculture and animals.  We also feature the world’s largest travelling midway! 

Is the venue appropriate for bands AND choirs?  Yes  

Additional information:   Note:  Specific days and times are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  If there is a specific day and/or time the group is after, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate those requests. 

Stage Layout: The stage will be partially covered with a tent structure 14 feet high.   The front 8 feet will not be covered; there will be a solid wall with 5 feet of changing area behind with door access to stage.  Diagram provided on the following page. 

Jodi Johnson 
Direct Line:  204.888.6990 ext 8