Two Nation Tours

Roam the heartland of North America and enjoy the warm hospitality and friendly people of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Manitoba. Share in the expedition of Lewis and Clark, experience the adventures of the fur traders and explore national parks. Visit for a complete description of suggested itineraries.

City Lights and Northern Lights

The northern lights appear in night skies in remote areas where the scenery ranges from the rugged mountains in the Black Hills to peaceful lakes and forest-covered retreats to the majestic spreading Plains. Suggested tour length: 14 days Download Full Itinerary.

Native Legends and Lore

The First Nations people of Canada and the Dakota and Ojibwe tribes in the United States founded their nations on a profound respect for their natural world. Attend a pow wow with traditional music and dance, watch a bison herd and listen to the stories. Suggested tour length: 12 days Download Full Itinerary.

The Great Wild North

Nature and animals are the featured attractions from the northern forests home of wolves and black bears and the rolling prairie habitat of bison, prairie dogs and wild horses to the sub-arctic tundra that is home to polar bears, caribou and beluga whales. Suggested tour length: 11 days Download Full Itinerary.

Spirit of the Frontier

The adventurous spirit of the pioneers and rich traditions of the First Nations created a legacy found across the Heartland at historic sites, pioneer villages and museums. The stories they tell weave the tapestry of the spirit of the frontier. Suggested tour length: 10 days Download Full Itinerary.