We know Winnipeg rocks, but don’t take our word for it — we have visitors to do our boasting for us! Check out these comments and videos to see how our city does tour operating right.

Why Winnipeg for Group Tours

Why Winnipeg for Student Tours

Our student group had a fabulous time in Winnipeg!
The Canadian Museum For Human Rights was amazing; the interactive exhibits made the experience so much more real for our students who had only studied human rights topics in a classroom. In the evening, we went to Enigma Escapes and the students really enjoyed trying to solve their way out of the puzzle rooms. Our experience at The Forks was a great too; the students loved trying the different foods and wandering through the shops. As well, our students thought it was "cool" to visit Louis Riel's gravesite as we had recently studied the Northwest Rebellion in class.  What a wonderful time we had! -  
      Jackie Janis, J. Percy Page School, Edmonton, Alberta